badge printing

Economics of badge printing

Id badges have become the most effective way of organizations to use in identification of their employees. Almost everyone at the workplace has one around their necks or pinned somewhere on their jackets. But what really does it take before the badge can be handed to the employee. Well we take a glimpse into the world of id badge printing Continue reading

Photo id cards uses

Photo id cards uses

A photo id card is a more detailed form of identification card as it includes the photo of the individual possessing the card. Just this small act of addition of a photo makes a huge difference on the value of this card. It literally changes how every little detail of the individual possessing it will change. Continue reading

ID Templates

How to Create the Most Effective ID Templates

Identification cards are of essence and it is a must that every organization or institution uses them. These cards are used for purposes of identification while at work both by fellow staff members and customers. Over the past couple of years, the designs, quality and appearance of these cards has undergone a major transformation. The demand for these cards has also risen exponentially and in most instances they are needed in the shortest time possible. In such cases, there are some levels of customization that cannot be possible and the use of ID templates comes in handy. Continue reading

Identification evolution

As human beings we long for that connection and ability to boast in knowing a particular person of a particular social standing. Well there might actually or definitely always is a time required to prove your identification to certify that you are no stranger. Having such documentations verifies aspects about maybe what you do, your address, or sometimes might just be a means of confirmation that you work at a particular place. National Id cards are offered by most governments to facilitate easy verification and even just identification of a person. Continue reading

Employee ID Badges

Discover the Essence of Employee ID Badges

Badges come in a myriad forms and they are used in different walks of life. From ID badges to name badges and from magnetic name badges to company name tags, everything has become quite accessible in the today. Badges are mainly used as a form of identification and they are normally displayed for a variety of reasons. Continue reading